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A new book of poems by Michael McClure is a cause for celebration. One of the readers at the historic Six Gallery reading, McClure has been an influential and inspired cultural presence in American literature for the past six decades. His poetry offers a radical aesthetic that is original and profound. In Persian Pony, his new book of poems, McClure writes with conviction and authority, addressing the metaphysical vision at the heart of his work with lyric precision. Persian Pony expands on personal themes – the poetry of science and the inner and outer dimensions of life – also including homages to inspired friends, such as Sterling Bunnel and David Meltzer, and Blakean nature meditations. Like electrons in a spiral cosmos, the poems of Persian Pony rise in an operatic wave, revealing a master poet at the height of his powers whose eco-visionary and bio-linguistic awareness extends the borders of consciousness, enlarging our world with passionate observation.

He is such a sweet paradox! Like most of Shelley and the late poems of D.H. Lawrence, McClure turns the phenomenal world inside out, seeking Mind within mind. ~ Diane di Prima

His words are of a new realm of love and joy and terror. ~ Ray Manzarek

[C]ertainly a genius in thought and writing it out… McClure is one of the few contemporaries to have understood Kerouac as a literary poet—and learned some joyous classic invention therefrom… ~ Allen Ginsberg

Michael McClure is an award-winning American poet, playwright, songwriter, and novelist. A key figure of the Beat Generation, McClure is immortalized as Pat McClear in Jack Kerouac’s novels The Dharma Bums and Big Sur. He also participated in the ’60s counterculture alongside musicians like Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. McClure remains active as a poet, essayist, and playwright, and lives with his wife, Amy, in the San Francisco Bay area.



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