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ISBN 1-894800-31-1 The Hunger (poetry) 16.95
published 2003 128 pages

The Hunger explores the realm of sex and landscape in words that flow together the way water moves around rock. Without being formally avant-garde, Reid’s best work moves in the direction that all lyrical poetry should, from emotion to emotion without the scaffolding of narrative.

ISBN 0-921215-87-8 The Knife Behind the Gills (fiction) 15.95
published 1995 160 pages

In The Knife Behind the Gills each new day feels like bailing out a sinking boat. The vast sea and the grey rainforest-dark days of the Northwest Pacific coast seem to offer Jack a solution: he will build an ark to protect his family.

ISBN 0-921215-48-7 The Women Who Surround Me (poetry) 14.95
published 1991 78 pages

In The Women Who Surround Me the poet muses on family and the present or absent women in his life. The poems explore what it means to be a husband, son and father, and discover what it is means to see the world through a beloved child’s eyes.

ISBN 978-1-897430-39-2 What It Means To Be Human (poetry) 21.95
published 2009 130 pages

What It Means to be Human is Reid’s tenth book: the title is both a statement and an open-ended question, as Reid explores what it does mean to be human, through individual stories, with compassion and grace. He employs the conventions of prose, point of view, multiple people, time shifts and plot, to weave an intricate tapestry of lives, where the past intersects with the present, while questioning the meaning of home and identity.