D.C. Reid

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The Hunger explores the realm of sex and landscape in words that flow together the way water moves around rock. Reminiscent of American poet, Robert Hass, Reid’s poems offer the elusive beauty of luminous landscapes, their lines and meaning lifting like blue mountains rising from the sea. This is nature poetry at its most intensely focussed. Without being formally avant-garde, Reid’s best work moves in the direction that all lyrical poetry should, from emotion to emotion without the scaffolding of narrative.

D.C. Reid was born in 1952 in Calgary. He has published two previous books with Ekstasis Editions, The Women Who Surround Me (poetry) and the novel The Knife Behind the Gills. He has written nonfiction books on fishing, most notably How To Catch Salmon published by Orca Books. Reid’s previous book of poems, Love And Other Things That Hurt, was short listed for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize in 1999. He lives in Victoria, B.C.

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