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The Reservoir explores the diverse manifestations of human love in contemplative essays by Eric Miller. Strands of memory, history, childhood, family, war, creativity and affection weave an elegant tapestry of prose connecting past and present. From a fantasia on Lady Simcoe of Upper Canada in “The Fifth of April 1793” to a study of paternal love in “Fredericton and Fatherhood,” Miller finds humour, depth and meaning in the relations which link us to each other and to history. This thoughtful volume of essays will resonate deeply with readers and belongs with the best of Canadian creative non-fiction.

Born in Toronto, Eric Miller has lived in Lake Louise, Charlottesville (Virginia), Amsterdam, Fredericton and Dartmouth. He received the 1996 Academy of American Poets Prize at the University of Virginia. He has published a book of poetry, Song of the Vulgar Starling (Broken Jaw, 1999), and a work of criticism Christopher Smart and the Enlightenment (St. Martin's, 1999). Eric Miller now lives in Victoria, BC.

ISBN 978-1-894800-70-9
94 Pages
5 x 8
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