Harpreet Singh Sekha
translated by Ajmer Rode


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Translating these lovely stories from ‘Canadian’ Punjabi into English was a daunting task requiring intimate knowledge of both languages. Ajmer Rode is a gifted crafter of words. He has brilliantly captured the rich nuances and ambiguities of the original.
~ Barj S. Dhahan, Founder, Dhahan Prize

A sensitive and observant writer describes the toil and true grit of immigrants, our agonizing moral choices between a previous generation’s standards of honor and the demands of an unfamiliar world. Along the way, each character shows how love or desperation can guide us to re-imagine and transform our futures. These are stories to inspire and replenish our resilience.
~ Shauna Singh Baldwin, author of English Lessons and Other Stories, What the Body Remembers, and The Tiger Claw

As its title suggests, Prism provides a lens for viewing a range of Punjabi-Canadian migrant experiences. Each story’s narrator speaks with immediacy about how we navigate our identities and communities. The intricacies of contemporary Punjabi migrant life are explored in these stories.
~ Balli Kaur Jaswal, author of Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows (2017) and The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters

Harpreet Singh Sekha's stunningly evocative short stories explore topics rarely covered in contemporary Canadian literature. Riveting, highly readable and filled with compelling characters, they're ideally suited for anyone interested in learning more about the immigrant experience in Metro Vancouver.
~ Charlie Smith, editor of Georgia Straight

Harpreet Sekha is a fiction and non-fiction Punjabi author based in Surrey, BC, Canada, as he migrated to Canada with his parents in 1988. Harpreet’s written work explores themes and experiences that resonate with South Asian Canadians, such as gender inequality, social justice, and the migrant experience. Harpreet’s body of work includes the non-fiction work, Taxinaama; the novel, Hanerey Raah; and short story collections, Bi Ji Muskra Paye, Baaran Boohey, and Prism. Of these works, Baaran Boohey has been translated into Hindi, and Taxinaama into English. Harpreet’s work has received academic recognition, as his work has been the focus of many students’ M. Phil research. His work has also been adapted for the stage by many celebrated theatre artists and brought to film as well, in the form of a serial.

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