Ilya Tourtidis

The Fire We Share

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It would seem that an integral part of our mortality is our capacity to not know. To a divine observer, this may be viewed as intriguing but to us mere mortals this capacity to not know can only be internalized as a burden. A burden that flares through the human experience like fire and inspires us to stir the alchemy of our existence as we search for meaning. Perhaps it is this labour…this creative twirling through the chaos imbedded in our lives that nurtures the heroic hope we have: that regardless of what we do not know, the act of reaching for what we can only imagine but cannot hold, is the way to fulfilment.

In his poetry, Tourtidis speaks not only for himself but for all of us. He grapples with life and death and the labyrinthine mind, tuning in all the antennae of the self in search of meaning. Even in doubt and despair his poetry marches forward in cadence. And though he knows it is futile, he turns to language to reveal the mysteries of being.
~ Ed Varney – Poet

Ilya Tourtidis references our mortality, grandiosity, confusion, terror and humorous limitations, by taking us into a poetic voice that knows far too much to allow us comfort. And yet there is reassurance in the fearful and lost places we are taken to and brought back from in this tight sequence of poems that one can’t help but be changed from spending attentive time with. We are both searingly taken in and lovingly brought back and then left with gratitude for the courage and clarity of the poet’s vision and insight.
~ Dan Kirk - Poet

Ilya Tourtidis’ poems are deep and thought provoking. Sharing his spiritual journey from youthful abandon, to a man whose soul is often lost in darkness and despair; seeking light and peace with burning passion. The meaning and purpose of his life is revived in an awakening of the ever-present divine spirit within; a rebirth to healing and grace he longs for. This poetry book is filled with a richness of words filled with images that can rekindle the reader in ways they will personally identify with.
~ Sharon Urdhal - Poet and editor of the anthology A Murder Of Crones

Ilya Tourtidis was born in Greece in 1949. He emigrated to Australia when he was four years old and to Canada when he was fifteen. Educated at the University of Victoria, he worked as a teacher and later as a counselor in the Comox Valley where he now resides. He was co-winner of the Gerald Lampert Award in 1994 for his first book of poems Mad Magellan’s Tale (Sono Nis Press, 1993). A subsequent collection of his poetry, The Spell of Memory, was published by Oolichan Books (2004). This was followed by Path of Descent and Devotion (Libros Libertad, 2009), Bright Bardo (Libros Libertad, 2011) and Romancing Eternity (Ekstasis, 2017).

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