Archetype West
New anthologies and non-fiction titles from Canada's West Coast.
Trevor Carolan, editor

ISBN 1-894800-59-1 Down in the Valley (poetry & prose) 19.95
published 2004 180 pages

A breakthrough addition to Canada’s regional literary renaissance, Down In The Valley is a sparkling collection of contemporary writing from B.C.’s fastest growing region, the magnificent Fraser Valley. These are poems and tales freighted with unexpected power and humility that celebrate new ways to sing the valley’s old songs and stories, renewing them for the changing generational mosaic of our times.

Eric Miller

ISBN 1-894800-70-2 The Reservoir (essays) 19.95
published 2006 94 pages

The Reservoir explores the diverse manifestations of human love in contemplative essays by Eric Miller. Strands of memory, history, childhood, family, war, creativity and affection weave an elegant tapestry of prose connecting past and present.