Janet Vickers

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Infinite Power, in Vickers eyes “is not a zero sum game but a journey / a stone thrown in a lake / circular ripples emanating outward” and the danger of our age is that we have lost contact with that power, made it something to possess like a personal bank account. In writing these poems she hopes for a reconnection to that sacred universal relationship.

Janet Vickers’s book of poetry, entitled Infinite Power, has such an accurate title for this is an important, brave and, indeed, powerful gathering of poems. She is on a search, a compelling search, that draws the reader along with her as she questions accepted concepts, ploughs through mankind’s inhumanity and even tears nature apart in her quest for a core of hope amidst despair. “The distant bird singing,” as she puts it. This need to give reason for continuance is evidenced in Vickers startling fresh and demanding metaphors and her piercing questions. Hope comes in the last few words—“love everyone, hate no-one, move to the edge.” It takes profound insight to come to such a seemingly innocent answer.
~ Naomi Beth Wakan, inaugural Poet Laureate of Nanaimo

These poems are at turns thought-provoking, accusatory, or playful in their exploration of topics such as climate change, extinctions, greed or incidents from her own past. The thread always running throughout Janet's work is her commitment to honouring all that’s sacred, whether that might be in the world of nature or in the realm of the human heart.
~ Heidi Greco

This is Janet Vickers’s second trade book of poems. Her first book, Impermanence was published in 2012, also by Ekstasis. Her poems have appeared in anthologies in Canada (Down in the Valley, Ekstasis 2004) and the UK (Refugees Welcome and The Poet’s Quest for God, Eyewear 2016), in literary journals and online magazines. Janet is active in the community on Gabriola Island where she lives with Tony, her husband of 46 years.

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