Ellen Arrand

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The Trutch Street Women is the second in a series of plays published under the Inconnu Dramabook imprint. The play premiered at Theatre Inconnu, Victoria’s longest-running alternative theatre, in 2007. Set in Victoria on a family street called Trutch Street, it tells the story of single parents caught up in the women’s movement of the 1970’s. It is a memory play and a coming of age story, as a group of women find common ground together and then drift apart. The tale is told with poignancy and insight, memories drifting through like fog, music and characters clothed in the informal garb of the period evoking a special time and place.

Ellen Arrand is a published novelist and short story writer. Her stories have appeared in Grain, Room of One’s Own, and Waves. Her novel, Public Works, Private Souls (Beach Holme), was praised by Books in Canada as: “a book full of painfully won personal truth that makes the reader blink with admiration.” This novel was also adapted for the stage, and was produced by Theatre Inconnu in 2004. The Trutch Street Women was a finalist in the 2005 Canadian National Playwriting Competition. Ms Arrand holds a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing and English from the University of Victoria. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Masters Program, at the University of Guelph-Humber.

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