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At the crossroads of life, the scarecrow watches the world with eyes both patient and protesting, aware of the paradox of it's own being – tethered in humanity and brother to the wind. In Scarecrow, a remarkable first book of poetry, artist, author and actor Duncan Regehr explores the metaphor of line – the line of verse, the line of the pencil, the lay lines of the land of the scarecrow's domain – in an artistic vision that is both penetrating and prophetic. From the ordinary to the surreal, Regehr's work invites the reader into an elemental universe where nature and culture are in constant interplay on a dancing gyre of shadow and truth. Alternating between bright glimpses and dark intuitions, the poet draws with words the images which the artist pens, to offer an elegant work of grace and meaning which echoes in the heart’s imagination.

Duncan Regehr is a magician and a sage. He has given us a blatantly original feast for the eyes and mind – a timeless fusion of the visual and aural. There is something ancient about the present in his vision. It echoes with lore and truth and mystery. Absolutely Stunning.
Keith Carradine

Duncan Regehr works in the literary, visual and performing arts. Among his published works, The Dragon’s Eye, Corvus Rex, Chrysalid and Scarecrow combine prose, poetry and visual imagery. His paintings are found in collections and galleries worldwide. Also a classically trained actor, he performs and directs for stage, film, radio and television.
He is a Royal Canadian Artist, a recipient of the American Vision Award of Distinction in the Arts, and holds a Doctorate of Fine Arts, honoris causa from the University of Victoria.

ISBN 978-1-897430-58-3
122 Pages
6 x 9
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