Ludwig Zeller
translated by Theresa Moritz
& A.F. Moritz
For a Savage Love /
Por un amor salvaje
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For a Savage Love / Por un amor salvaje reprints three exceptional books previously published by Ekstasis Editions from this great renovator of the classic surrealist tradition. First, Body of Insomnia combines eroticism, spirituality and hope in poems that make reality shine with its actual mystery. The centrepiece of For a Savage Love is Zeller’s great and oft-translated long poem, Woman in Dream, a uniquely passionate tribute to a woman, to all women, and to the feminine as the source of being: a poem drunk alternately with wonder and terror, and always with erotic fury. In the final position is The Eye on Fire, one of Zeller`s later works, in which he movingly confronts the passing years and affirms the power of poetry, love, and freedom.

For a Savage Love spans eighteen years of poetic productivity, and gives the reader a stirring overview of a major literary accomplishment: few poets speak so intensely from the very origins of language and in the mode of pure, ever-flowing song. The translations in For a Savage Love have been comprehensively revised by renowned translators and scholars Theresa Moritz and A. F. Moritz, and constitute new versions in English. The poems are presented here with the Spanish en face.

Ludwig Zeller has been called the heir to André Breton. Born in 1927, in northern Chile, Zeller moved to Toronto at the time of the collapse of Salvador Allende’s government, and currently resides in Oaxaca, México.

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206 pages
6 x 9
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