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For many years Mike Doyle has been crafting poems of dense meditative beauty. Always eclectic, he is a poet who discovers fresh perspectives but always applies appropriate form to content. Doyle is distinguished by a scrupulous and uncompromising commitment to the poetic art, avoiding literary fashions and the facile easy line so popular today. By cutting a path down the middle of the extremes of modern tradtitions, he has created a poetry that is at once intellectually precise and imaginatively alert to the immediate. There is tension but also resolution between eye and idea, between the imagination and the intellect. Mike Doyle is one of our best poets, tracing out moments of personal resonance,delicately, musically, and with utter conviction.

Mike Doyle, whose background is Irish, grew up in London, England and has lived in Canada for more than thirty years. He has written numerous books of poetry, as well as books on William Carlos Williams and James T. Baxter, a biography of Richard Aldington, plus critical essays on Williams, Wallace Stevens, H.D. and others. His home is in Victoria, B.C., and he spends the winter in Mexico.

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