Nancy Mackenzie

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The Illuminated Life is a fresh and original sequence of poems that sheds light on the inner culture of human experience. Fred Wah writes of her poetry, “Nancy Mackenzie breathes into poetry a philosophy of is-ness that is refreshing and renewing.” In The Illuminated Life, Nancy Mackenzie reflects upon the nature of the sacred and the secular, holiness and wholeness. The poems of this strong second collection are at once personal and universal, both mythic and meditative. Nancy Mackenzie’s authentic poetic voice bears witness to a spiritual essence hidden within the quotidien.

Born in Calgary, writer Nancy Mackenzie spent her childhood on a horse ranch in Cochrane, Alberta. A graduate of Acadia University in Nova Scotia, she now resides in Edmonton. The Illuminated Life is Nancy Mackenzie’s second book of poetry. Her previous volume Soul’s Flight, was published by Ekstasis Editions in 1997.

ISBN 1-894800-10-9
120 Pages
6 x 9
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