Peter Trower

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´╗┐Peter Trower has a way with words that other poets envy. Despite years of logging and street-life, Peter Trower is a sensitive and skilled love-poet. The poems of this collection are poignant and personal, but never sentimental, telling the story of a life-long romance. In these poems Trower realizes the “soul’s completion,” finding at last a pervading sense of unity in love.

Peter Trower was born in St. Leonard's on Sea, England in 1930 and came to Canada in 1940. He worked for 22 years as a logger. Writing professionally since 1971, he has has published three novels to date, more than ten books of poetry and numerous articles. His collection of logging poems Chainsaws in the Cathedral was selected to the BC Millenium Book Award. In 2002 he was awarded the B.C. Gas Lifetime Achievement Award for his work. He lives in Gibson’s, B.C.

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