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These sonnets mark David Watmough’s 19th published book. After a lifetime of writing mainly fiction, all of it written in Vancouver, his retreat to boundary Bay (one field away from the U.S. border) has marked a significant change in his work, as well as his way of life. Still happily living with his now retired partner of 57 years, Watmough confines his daily creativity to sonnets broadly in the idiom of those of John Milton. However, his subject matter, he stresses, owes nothing to Man!

Naturalized Canadian, David Watmough, 81, has been shaped and nourished by a Cornish background as well as years in London, Paris, New York and San Francisco. All his novels, short stories, plays and poems, however, have been written on Canada’s west coast during the past 45 years. Geraldine, his eighteenth book and thirteenth fiction title, was published in 2007 by Ekstasis Editions.

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