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“Bruce Serafin's coming-of-age memoir is terrific in both senses of that word: scary in its honesty and wonder-full. Colin’s Big Thing is filled with unforgettable people, places, and images, from the eponymous comic book artist Colin Upton, to the spaceship-like Vancouver Post Office sailing through a purgatorial midnight, to a literal knife-in-the-heart. The really ‘big thing’ here is Serafin’s writing. It’s intense, gritty, passionate and seductively inviting to read.”
Stan Persky, author of Buddy’s: Meditations on Desire

A boy’s journey from Hinton Alberta to the B.C. coast to Texas. And then the return. In a narrative sequence that startles with its clarity and force, Bruce Serafin illuminates the history of his generation. 

ISBN 1-894800-26-5
280 Pages
5 x 8 format
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