Anthony Robinson

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Robinson’s poetry is ravishingly imagined, viscerally conveyed, and partakes equally of traditional and modernist forms, like a Shaker deacon whiting up the darkness with an abstract ballet. At its best, in poems like “There’s a Storm Coming In” and “Naoussa,” this is verse that stuns you, makes you lay the page down on the table with trembling hands, as Emily Dickinson said of the finest poetic expression. His images pierce you with uneasy reminders that the perilous and contingent infuse the commonplace, and that “[A]ll things,” as Yeats said, “hang like a drop of dew/Upon a blade of grass.”
~ Richard Wirick, author of 100 Siberian Postcards and Kicking In

Like the cloud chamber photographs that open each section of Anthony Robinson’s The Boundary Layer, there is an overlay of abstract science in opposition to and, perhaps, in cunning conspiracy with, the “glistening purple and white-vernixed” life that flows just beneath the surface of so many of these poems. From capturing the ramifications of the birth miracle from a contemporary male perspective (“In the Company of Women”) to the erotically-charged fear of the dream wraith who approaches “like a wolf in an old disguise” (“Sometimes She Comes to Me”), this is poetry of both precision and concision, keenly-observed and deeply felt.
~ Jim Natal, author of Memory and Rain

Tony Robinson’s gift for bringing together ancient and modern, physical and spiritual in his poetic images is remarkable and rare. His imagination is given naturally to traversing the ladder of analogy—Dante’s levels of meaning—in such a way that the literal and the anagogical hold fluid commerce together.
~ Larry Allums, Director, Dallas Institute of Humanities & Culture

Anthony Robinson was born in Portland, Maine and raised in Boston. He was educated in Philosophy and English at Berkeley and he began his career as a designer and builder in the desert in Arizona. He is Co-Editor and Publisher of Transformation: A Journal of Literature, Ideas & the Arts, and he teaches Environmental Sustainability at Southern Methodist University.

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