Jude Neale and Nicholas Jennings

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Water Forgets its Own Name is a sumptuous, indulgent mash-up by two incredibly driven creatives: a poet and an artist, who divest everything except for raw, visceral responses - to a small island that shapes who they are, and which makes their hearts sing. With its juxtaposition of poetry set to art, this book comes as close as anything ever has to encapsulating the shared depth of gratitude of small community for its unique island home.

“Ah, it is comforting to see the island through the eyes of poet, Jude Neale and visual artist, Nicholas Jennings. In this complex time of change, they remind us of the beauty and mystery that is ours and why we are here. Let's hope you keep painting, keep writing poems. Celebrate. Glorify. Worship.”
Ron Woodall was the Creative Director of Expo 86. He planned the look, feel and content of the fair.

“Water Forgets its Own Name is a lyrical celebration of Bowen Island through word and colour. From Snug Cove to Crayola Beach, Tunstall Bay, Cape Roger Curtis, and points in between, Jude Neale finds inspiration in the beauty of Nicholas Jennings’ paintings, evoking tender memories of her life on the island: the gathering of pebbles in a drawstring purse; skipping stones onto the mirrored sea with her five-year-old; the summer when her paddles held dragonflies. ‘Being here, right here/ is a blessing/ for my restless mind.’ Through the music of her poems, she re-enchants the island. As ‘the snow, a silk scarf/ wraps the world/ in its cold beauty,’ Neale comes to know ‘that there is no other purpose/ to living, than to become/ part of it all…’ A delightful book that invites us all to become a part of the life of this island.”
Pauline Le Bel, author Becoming Intimate with the Earth and Whale in the Door

“Looking through the pages of Water Forgets Its Own Name, by poet Jude Neale and artist Nicholas Jennings, I was struck by the profound beauty of Bowen Island, captured in the paintings and poems. Nick’s work, which I was fortunate to see during my trip to the Island in the Summer of 2022, not only reflects the spirit of Bowen Island but also contributes to creating that very spirit. The paintings are akin to a signature of the island, with their vibrant colors and masterful brushstrokes bringing to life the awe-inspiring landscapes that Bowen Island is renowned for. What struck me equally, however, was the artists's incredible story of healing through art. It takes immense bravery to reveal one's feelings through art, and their work is a testament to that courage. It is inspiring to witness how Jude and Nick’s work has become a conduit for their healing journey, and I have no doubt that it will continue to inspire others who have the privilege of experiencing it. Nick’s paintings are a true embodiment of the island's beauty, coupled with Jude’s poems, and is a testament to their abilities to convey emotions through their art that is truly remarkable.”
Olga Gonokhova is an EHDD faculty instructor at Capilano University, Vancouver BC.

ISBN 978-1-77171-160-9
66 pages
6 x 98.5 x 8.5

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