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Poems Selected and New

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DC Reid’s Poems Selected and New charts the poet’s evolution through selections from eight previous books including The Women Who Surround Me, The Hunger and What It Means to Be Human (Ekstasis Editions). Raised south of Calgary, Reid initially explored Prairie Realism with W.O. MItchell at the Banff School of Fine Arts, until poet Eli Mandel suggested another path. Reid continues to experiment with new approaches while retaining the honest appraisal and restrained emotion suggestive of the landscape of his youth. Through the joy of love and the pain of separation, the practise of poetry enshrines memory and mitigates despair while structuring experience for a heightening of the ordinary. Birth, life, art, death and sex are themes revisited in various forms including glosas based on Rilke’s Duino Elegies and PK Page’s hologram. Reid’s new poems celebrate western landscapes and the environment of his home in Victoria, BC as well as seminal Canadian poets Page, Atwood and Purdy. Some humourous and others experimental, the entire collection stands as a testament to a poet who continues to probe beneath the surface of human existence to capture a significant place in the art of a northern nation.

This has been said of DC Reid’s books:

Reid has made a breakthrough that is rare.
~ Patrick Lane

[Reid’s work is] honest, lyrical hard hitting, even shocking… It takes the ordinary and explodes it in your face. This is poetry about women drenched in admiration and sexuality.
~ Vancouver Sun

DC Reid has, with passion and immense skill, created a compelling new poetic form. Intensely self-aware, each poem moves with the in and out-breath of existential examination. Sensual and intelligent, DC Reid’s work ignites inquiry and prods the reader to move to the spaces between the defined and the definition. This collection is at once, challenging, startling, and intimate
~ Dale Winslow

DC Reid’s poems have been published widely in 50 literary magazines in Canada and he is the author of 16 books of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Reid has a deep and divergent interest in many subjects, including poetry, novels, cutting-edge brain science and neuroplasticity, the science of artistic creativity, sports-fishing non-fiction and creative non-fiction and the environmental degradation caused by fish farms. He lives in Victoria

DC Reid
Poems Selected & New
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